Woman Spends $68,000 To Change Her Race, Here’s What She Looks Like Now

She hails from Trier, Germany, and she is definitely a woman who turns heads. Her name is Martina Big, and she is a model and actress in her country. She is all about the beauty transformation, and her journey continues on a very specific mission.

So far, Big, who is white, has spent close to $68,000 on turning herself into an African-American woman. She is trying to change her race through cosmetic enhancements, cultural awareness and appreciating what the African-American community brings to her development and future.

Big says she identifies with the black race and is seeking more plastic surgery to create her desired image. She wants her lips and nose to be made wider and to also have her rear end surgically broadened. She claims that some African-American friends in her community approve of her wish to embody another race. Her boyfriend Michael is white and says he is her biggest supporter and thinks her transformations are something to admire and behold.

Big had initially transformed herself into a Barbie doll kind of caricature with flaxen hair and a huge bosom that was designed in a plastic surgeon’s office. She even boasts about having the largest bosom in Europe filled with 7100 ccs of saline, but she says her breasts are not big enough.

The former cabin crew employee later discovered that white blondes were really not the dream girls she had imagined, and she set on another course of evolvement.

Real African beauty is something she feels strongly about, and so far, the 29-year-old woman has received controversial tanning injections (in 2017) that she claims have allowed her skin to develop a deep, dark brown tone, light eyes to turn brown and hair to grow in dark and curly by the day. “So really my whole body has changed. It’s really fascinating what’s happened, I think I am changing my race, yes.”

Martina Big has also learned the language of Swahili and often travels to Kenya to learn more about the African race, culture and its people. She likes to wear clothing from the continent of Africa, and now, she describes herself as an African woman.

She realizes that people tell her she could never truly be black, but she feels the connection deep inside, she claims. “…But if you are really open-hearted and concentrate yourself, you can see it’s not only the look that’s changed, it also the inner heart.”

Martina Big recently appeared on Maury Povich’s daytime talk show to a mostly jeering audience. She wore a gold statement necklace that spelled “Black Girls Rock” and announced that she was a black woman of 80 percent and has more to learn to complete her transformation. Povich tried telling her that being African-American goes more than just skin deep, and the audience wildly applauded. She was such a controversial guest on “Maury” that the TV show’s Facebook page received more than 5 million views and more than 20,000 comments on her recent appearance.

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