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This tiger’s reaction when he notices a woman’s baby bump has gone viral

It’s no secret animals are a lot smarter than we think they are and they have incredible abilities when it comes to feeling things we can’t feel. This tiger showed this and was caught on camera while doing it! Brittany Smith-Osborne was at the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana with her friends when she witness the amazing abilities of animals.

One of her friends is Natasha, 27 weeks pregnant. When the girls reached the tiger’s den, one tiger was particularly interested in Natasha, who was taking selfies of her and the animal. All her friends were melting when they saw the cuteness of the moment, but one of them notices the tiger was too interested in Natasha.

The girl asked “Do you think it knows you’re pregnant? Do you think it’s after you because you’re with a baby?”

Natasha wanted to find out if her friend’s idea was correct, so she stood up and pressed her baby bump against the glass. And this was the moment when everyone saw the tiger was clearly interested in the baby! He can be seen rubbing his face against Natasha’s baby bump, behind the glass. The tiger is sniffing the bump and continues to rub his face against it, while the girls go “Awwww”. The girls were amazed at the tiger’s senses and the fact it felt the baby, even behind the glass. “We all realized that the tiger was very interested in her baby bump. I am so excited that I was able to capture that sweet moment.”

Smith-Osborne caught the entire moment on camera and the video quickly went viral. It was also shared on the Zoo’s official Facebook page with the caption “This is why the zoo is here – to help make connections to nature”.

The video gathered more than 5 million views on YouTube. Some of the people commented that Natasha could have been a nice meal for the tiger, but others are sure the tiger was interested in the baby and that it wouldn’t have harmed Natasha, if the glass wall wasn’t there.

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