This simple math problem is puzzling everyone, causing outrage on the internet

We all know math is hard, but kids nowadays can use the internet to find out the right answers to their math problems. But the problem is most of these answers are wrong! Math and internet always create big problems A math problem is sure to send the internet into deep confusion, as people start arguing about the right answer to the latest math problem. The best example is the past viral math problem which stirred a lot of discussion online.

Why did the student got a bad mark for this answer, which seems to be correct. After all, addition is commutative, so both adding 3 five times and adding 5 three times gives you the same answer. But if you read the instructions carefully, you will be able to understand why the teacher didn’t give the student a full mark.

The problem was the execution, as 5×3 literally means adding 3 five times, thus the answer noted by the teacher on the student’s paper. Another tricky math problem involved horses, their shoes and some cowboy boots.

The correct answer to this cute problem was all about the order of the operations. Try to remember  the acronym “Please excuse my dear aunt Sally” and try to solve the problem again.
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The correct answer is not 22! To find the right answer to this interesting math problem you have to use each line of the given problem to determine the value of a horse, a horseshoe and a boot. Then, the correct answer is simple: 21. Try to solve the latest math problem that went viral Here is the latest math problem which went viral. It was taken from a test given to 7 year olds, according to the internet. It seems to be just another train problem, like the ones we were all used to see when we were back in school.

The problem asks for both the correct answer and the method used for reaching it. It shouldn’t be hard, right? The answer is 65. This math problem stirred a lot of discussions when a parent posted it on a forum, saying the right answer is 46. He also said the problem was too hard for kids aged six or seven.

As we know, not all people are made to solve math problems and the parent who started the discussion on this particular one is definitely not a math person. His answer is incorrect, as you need to consider the 19 people who get off the train. Another internet user posted on Twitter the same incorrect answer, which added to the buzz around this math problem.

Luckily, there are also math-people on the internet and one of them took the time to explain how to solve the problem the correct way.



Extract x from this equation and you have the answer 65.

If the parent’s answer was incorrect, their assumption a 7 year old child is unable to solve it is right.

The correct answer requires the use of algebra, which is something a small child doesn’t know.
However, there are also other ways to solve this problem: by using additions and subtractions.
Everyone who said the correct answer for this problem is 46 have since deleted their posts, so the
controversy ended. Now, to leave you with something to think of, here is a puzzle from the “Wheel of Fortune”. No, the correct answer is not the one you are thinking of right now.

The correct answer is “back at work”.

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