People Are Having Trouble Recognizing Iconic Movie Star From The 1970s

Often, people seem to only remember celebrities as their younger self, but they are normal people like the rest of us which means they age too! As they age and get older, for some reason fans are “shocked” as their idol is no longer the same person that they remember. This famous actor is one of those cases.

This megastar never planned to be famous, intact he wanted to be a professional athlete instead. He attended college at Florida State University where he played football. And his dream was born to make it to the NFL.

However, his dreams ended quite quickly. Just in his second year he had a bad knee injury. To make matters worse that same year he was in a terrible car accident that required his spleen to be removed.

It didn’t take long for him to figure out that football was not going to be his career, so he decided to move to Hollywood instead. It was time for a new dream.

As early as 1950s is when he started to have small screen success in television on programs you’d never heard of. The hardwood paid off and about 10 years after moving to Hollywood, he landed his first film in 1960. However, it wouldn’t be another 10 years until he got his first breakout role. This was in 1972 in a movie called Deliverance, where he played Lewis Medlock.

From that film, he career started to skyrocket. He went on to start in movies like Longest Yard, Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights, and even a musical called The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with Dolly Parton.

But he wasn’t just known for his film roles, he was infamous for his good looks and dating some of the most famous actresses of his time including Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcet.

One thing many people don’t know about him is that he did his own stunts, he refused to use a stunt double. But this didn’t come without it’s side effects, the wear and tear on his body were greater than most actors of his time who used student doubles.

Time quickly started to catch up with him and he aged. The football injury he sustained in college and years of doing his own stunts left him in constant pain. A bypass in 2010 didn’t help.

Are you able to guess based on the photo in this article who this actor is? That’s right, this is the 1970s heartthrob Burt Reynolds. His career has been one of the most iconic and he will always be remembered for his good looks, great personality, and his dazzling personality.

What was your favorite film of his?

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