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Man Tries To Scam Woman – Doesn’t Anticipate That She’ll Scam Him In Hysterical Fashion

Everybody hates a scammer.

The slugs are known for preying on the most gullible and vulnerable amongst us, often using an individual’s emotions as a way to hook them in.

Not all scams are alike though.

A few common ones include:

  • The “You owe money to the CRA, pay it immediately in gift cards or you will be arrested” one
  • The “We are from Windows and you have a virus, let me on your computer so I can hack” one
  • And the “Baby you are my soul mate, I need money to come be with you forever” one (also my personal favorite)

While We Often Wonder, “Who Could Fall For One Of These Scams?”, It’s Apparently A Lot More Common Than You Would Think.

Right after Valentine’s Day, VICE ,

reported that Malaysian police had arrested 27 people (13 Nigerians, 14 Malaysians, and one Indonesian— not sure who does VICE’s math) for running an online love scam that had tricked 108 people out of 21,160,000 Malaysian Ringgits (the equivalent of approximately 5.11 million US dollars).

Luckily, I Would Like To Think That Most Of Us Have Caught On These Scammers’ Tricks— Heck, Some People Even Go The Extra Mile, Doing Their Best To Make Scammers’ Lives More Difficult.

That’s what the YouTube channel ScamBait does. Their entire video repertoire essentially consists of recordings of themselves infuriating scammers.


Most Recently, One Anonymous British Woman Went Viral After Brilliantly Trolling A Facebook Love Scammer.

The man’s profile says his name is Anil Khullar and he is from Maldah, West Bengel, India. The man initiates the conversation by asking if she would like to chat to an “indian man honny”.

After accepting his Messenger request, she replies:

“What an enormous coincidence Anal. I was just thinking that I would love to be in contact with an Indian Man Honny.”

And With That, The Games Begin.

When he asks her age and location she tells him, “I am very, very elderly. I am from Britain, Anal.”

He Doesn’t Seem Too Impressed With The New Nickname.

Her Responses Are Hilarious.

When he makes a typo while stating he likes “whote women”, she subtly mocks him, writing, “Well, I am very very whote. I pride myself on my whoteness.”

When asked if she’s single, she tells him, “My husband left me for the tramp that lives in the skip behind Oxfam”.

And it just gets better from here on out.

See for yourself!

“Well, strip me naked, tie me to a bed in IKEA and whip me with this brasserie! This conversation has turned to money? This is a shock isnt it, Anal?”

“Do as you’re told or no money.”

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