Lonely Grandpa Left His Wealth For A Stranger Who Deserved It More Than His Family

When Ronald Butcher died in March 2013, he was 75 years old and had over $700,000 in his bank account. Now, you may be thinking that his family was very lucky that Ronald had saved up all that money – and you would be very wrong! Ronald didn’t leave a single penny to his relatives! Not. One. Cent.

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News

Instead, according to the London Evening Standard, Ronald gave all the cash to Daniel Sharp. So, who was Daniel Sharp and why did he get all that money? He was the man who cleaned Ronald’s gutters out for free for years!

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News



As time went on, the two men became friends, and it lasted six years (until Ronald passed). Ronald changed his will just two months before his death and named sharp as the sole beneficiary!

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News

Ronald’s family was shocked and is trying to get their share of the inheritance. Sharp is claiming that he didn’t have anything to do with Ronald changing his well. Sharp’s lawyer contends that Ronald was a lonely old man and his client was his friend.

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News

If Ronald’s family had just been kind to him and went to visit him, maybe they wouldn’t have been taken out of the will!

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News

Sharp’s lawyer also stated that Ronald liked hearing about Sharp’s son and that his client was aware of his actions when he changed the will.

Image Credit: Richard Gittins / Champion News

Don’t take your elderly family for granted. If you have family – act like it, or they will find someone more deserving to give their money to! Share away, people.

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