Judge Judy Orders Stolen Dog Run Loose In Courtroom To Identify His True Owner

Judge Judy has been known for her usual tactics in the courtroom, but one unprecedented move has the internet in stitches.

The famous Judge who has made her name by being the face of an iconic daytime TV show was caught in the middle of a heated dispute. The argument was between the defendant, who was a woman that said she bought her dog off of someone on the street. Which to most people sounds suspicious in itself. Nonetheless, she was the guardian of the dog.

While this woman claimed to be the legal owner of the dog, a man argued that the dog belonged to him and he never sold it. After both the defendant and the plaintiff argued their sides, Judge Judy was still at a loss. And one big problem was dogs don’t talk, so she obviously couldn’t ask him.

This is where things start to take a turn for the strange. Judge Judy asks for the dog to be brought into the court room to be the ultimate Judge. She wanted the dog to decide who the owner was

When the defendant brought the dog into the courtroom, Judge Judy sternly said. “Put the dog down.”

Just mere seconds after the defendant placed the dog on the floor, he ran right over to the plaintiff and jumped into his arms.

He couldn’t hold back his emotions and started to cry and said “that’s my dog!”. Judge Judy didn’t waste anymore time and decided the case.

She told the plaintiff to take the dog home.

After the case was over, the defendant explained what happened further:

“I just bought the dog from a girl who had a pit bull and said the pit bull was trying to eat it”. But clearly whoever this person selling the dog was, had no rights to sell the dog.

In many cases, when it comes to animal custody fights, they can be quite tricky, this case was open and shut. Now the dog and his rightful owner can go home and be at ease knowing they are no longer separated.

Most people who see this video clip, agree, this is one of the most bizarre courtroom moments they have ever seen and it will surely go down history. They say a dog is man’s best friend, and in this case it was true. We’re glad the dog was returned to his rightful owner. Now they can live happily together again.

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