Dad’s Name For His 14th Newborn Son Is Causing Controversy

Baby names have changed in popularity over the years. Although you’ll find the classics such as Robert and Meghan being used with today’s parents, there are some really unique offerings to keep parents on their toes. Celebrities have been known to come up with the most unusual baby names. Some to have already pushed the limits include Gwyneth Paltrow’s children Moses and Apple and Beyonce and Jay Z’s child “Blue Ivy.”

In addition to odd celeb names for their baby’s, there is one couple making headlines with the oddest name to date. Jay and Kateri Schwandt are parents to fourteen children and all of which are boys. The male dominant siblings span in age from 25 to new born.

When the couple discovered they were pregnant with their 14th child, they had highs hopes the newest addition was going to be a girl. They already had their fair share of rough housing and baseball games and thought it was about time for doll houses and tea parties.

But as luck would have it, Kateri and Jay were gifted with another boy who weighed in at 8 pounds and 4 ounces. The baby boy arrived in good health, surrounded by his brothers. Although they had decided on the name Finley for the infant, they wanted to go with a unique middle name since it would be their last child.

Kateri’s father used to share with her a story of a Native American chief. As the father of numerous boys, he proclaimed upon the birth of his next child, “she’s a boy again,” and ended up naming him, “Sheyboygan.”

“Since Kateria and I have reached our 40s, we knew our child bearing years were coming to a close,” said Jay. “When we found out we were going to be parents again, we wanted to enjoy every morsel of the pregnancy since it was probably our last. We were just as thrilled with the last child as we were with our first.

It’s something we will hold dear to our hearts, and the boys seem to love it too.” The couple made good on their promise to adhere to the story told by Kateri’s father, and they gifted Finley with the middle name of “Sheyboygan.”

Finley will have 13 other male siblings to share his household with that includes Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvin, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker and Francisco. “We already have a home full of boys, and it’s what we’re used to.

Although it would have been a blessing to have a little girl, were thankful for another boy. Some of the children were wishing the newest addition was a little girl, but some were hoping for another boy. I was actually rooting for a girl.”

In a sea of unique celebrity names, Finley’s middle name “Sheyboygan may seem normal when compared with others. But for Finley, he’ll at least have his own tale to tell when someone asks his middle name. If anyone teases him about it, he’ll have 13 brothers to answer to.

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