Human Ken Doll Releases Pictures Of Himself Before Taking 58 Surgeries

The human Ken doll shared pictures of himself before he started the process of transforming into a human doll. The before and after difference is stunning!

Alves, known as the human Ken doll, was a cute child, as you can see from his childhood pictures. Despite this fact, he was bullied for his appearance, which contributed to his future decision to alter his looks. Kids bullied him for his “wide nose”. The bulling reached its peak when Alves was pushed  face down into an urinal.

Alves undergone his first surgery at 17, when he removed tissue from his chest. The man was unhappy with his body, so he subjected himself to 16 liposuction surgeries. The pre-op pictures show him before the procedures.

Alves suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and he is very vocal about his condition as well as body image issues. The Human Ken is an ambassador of plastic surgery and works with the Aesthetic Academy in US. As part of his work, he speaks about the negative stigma of plastic surgery and how these interventions can actually help people who suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Despite people think his passion for plastic surgery comes from a mental illness, Alves says he is mentally stable, thus able to decide on drastic transformations of his body. However, his obsession with cosmetic surgeries is not normal, but as long as it helps him cope with his condition, no one has the right to judge him.
You can find out more about Alves from this video interview:

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