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30 Photos showing the scary faces of hunted houses guests

Haunted house are some people’s dream places and other people’s nightmares. Until you become their guest, when everyone realizes the place is what nightmares are made of.

Haunted houses are definitely built for people who love to get a good dose of shivers up their spine, but even these adrenaline junkies sometimes get more than they’ve bargained for. With more and more haunted houses on the market, each establishment is trying to do their best. This means they are becoming scarier than ever! There is an unofficial competition between these places and one of the houses which offers horror experiences is Nightmare Fear Factory, Niagara Falls, Canada.

The photos they took during their tours show that even the best prepared guest is going to scream in fear. Here are 30 photos of the most photogenic guests. And the most scared.

1. These boys are holding on to each other, maybe they won’t be so scared.

2. In a boys vs girls competition, these two guys definitely win the “Most scared person” award.

3. The girl on the right is definitely frightened.

4. This guy is surrendering himself.

5. Luckily for this woman, her partner is holding on pretty well.

6. Who is more scared, the father or the son?

7. This father is having fun, but the girls are not.

8. This group is not going to talk about their experience.

9. When you decide to stay put and fight, you need your friend with you, so you’re holding on to him. Unfortunately, he decided to flee the scene.

10. “You stay right here, man! I’m not going through it alone!”

11. A big hug might help ease the fear. But not in their case.

12. The lady in the middle is probably thinking she should have stayed home.

13. To laugh or not to laugh – this is this guy’s question. He is even smiling a little.

14. This duo looks like they are dancing.

15. When you are far from your troops, you need to hold on to something.

16. Getting close to the boo! Factor is not a good strategy.

17. The blondes are scared too.

18. Each of these guys is telling a different story, while holding on in the conga line.

19.The girl in yellow shirt and the one in black are looking at very different things, judging by their looks. But still scary things.

20. “Is it gone yet? Is it gone?”

21. This bunch of boys are overwhelmed by the situation.

22. “I am so scared! I’d better strangle my girlfriend!”

23. Is she scared or just curious?

24. Some people are having fun, while others are having a bad time coping with their fear.

25. Another scared father.

26. The man is the most scared in this couple.

27. Bromance is in the air.

28. A little train of fear.

29. This group seems to have been caught in the middle of building a human pyramid or something alike.

30. You can smell the fear just by looking at this guy.

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