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17 Photos which reveal the reality of online shopping

Online shopping gets a lot of buzz these days, because it enables us to buy pretty much anything from every corner of the world, without leaving the comfort of our homes. But all these advantages come with a bunch of harsh realities aka lots of disadvantages.Shopping online can be fun, but when the product arrive to your door, it can quickly turn into a big disappointment. Here are 17 photos which reveal the truth about online shopping and how you can get really strange things from your digital experience.

Expectations vs Reality – the online shopping edition

Some products have the price tag of famous things, but the look of something really extravagant.

This cup protects the viewer from offensive language, even if the owner is definitely very offended.
This f*#$!^ng mug
Some online fashion stores have a strange understanding of “variation” when it comes to a dress’ pattern.

This cat belongs to a rare breed…

Before you make the order online, check the size of the product: some things might appear larger in pictures than they really are in reality.
I think I ordered the wrong size...
This tiny scale really motivates you to lose weight.
No automatic alt text available.
Sometimes, things are larger in reality.

This should teach everyone not to buy prom dresses online.

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Ordered sexy and got strange…

This Christmas tree shed some branches on the road.

These examples of strange fashion items is the peak of online shopping when it comes to fashion.

This puzzle arrived already made.
Заказал пазл, а его уже собрали aliexpress, пазл, покупки в интернете
This strange mix between a shawl and a dress or a cape is too drunk.
Image may contain: people standing
Ariel’s wig looks different.
Image may contain: 2 people
Guess this girl won’t go to prom. Not wearing this dress…

A swimsuit should be tried before buying

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