15 Effective exercise routines for getting in shape without lots of effort

Most weight management routines involve spending lots of time at the gym and counting every calorie you eat. However, this is not the only way you can lose weight: there are plenty of other small things you can do to shed pounds on the go. And they don’t involve calorie counting or endless hours in the gym.

Wait and do something productive Scientists found that one’s desire to eat something only lasts for 10 minutes. This means you can overcome your brain and trick it into not eating. All you have to do is wait 10 minutes before you actually eat. During this time, do something productive. When the 10 minutes are gone and you are still hungry, eat. If you are not hungry, you’ve just saved yourself from overeating.

Avoid sitting down Nowadays, most of us spent at least eight hours a day at the office, sitting on the chair. Unfortunately for humans, we were not designed to do this. Our metabolism slows down when we are sitting and we only burn about 100 calories per hour, compared to 140 calories per hour when we are standing. A simple trip to the coffee bar or to the next floor can help you lose more weight than just sitting on the desk, so be more active at work.

Hydrate Water is very important for the human body, as it promotes a healthy metabolism and can help you lose weight. Many people confuse thirst with hunger, so before you eat something, drink some water. If you are still hungry after 10 minutes, you should eat.

Soda can ruin your efforts to lose weight We all know we shouldn’t drink carbonated drinks, because they contain lots of sugar. This sugar is going to ruin your weight loss efforts, so stop drinking soda and replace it with tea or water. You can try to make infused water, to make plain water more palatable.

Sit each time you eat Most people grab a snack on the go, so they have no control over how much  hey eat. Instead of doing this, make a habit of setting the table, placing a portion on the plate and then eat. This will help you eat exactly how much you need.

Embrace proteins

Proteins are great for diets, because they provide you with lots of energy for the day. Eating a breakfast rich in proteins and low in fats will give you enough “fuel” for the day, so you will be able to eat standard portions for lunch and dinner. In other words, you will be full and won’t feel the desire to overeat.

Do more cardio

The most effective type of exercise you can do at the gym is cardio. Because it engages multiple groups of muscles, it promotes more fat loss, compared to other exercises.

Small plates can do wonders

Research showed that people who used a plate 5 cm smaller in diameter ended up eating 22% less food.

This happens because you will see the food disappearing from the plate faster and you will be inclined to eat less.

Take the stairs
An effective alternative to jogging are the stairs. Each time you can, opt for taking the stairs, instead of the elevator, because 15 minutes of going down and up on the stairs burns around 150 calories. If  you manage to make a habit out of this, you can burn thousands of calories each week.

Skip alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is a huge weight loss enemy, with a beer holding 150-200 calories. A glass of wine contains 85 calories and Baileys contains 100 calories. Creamy, delicious cocktails are the most dangerous for your bikini-body, as they usually contain multiple ingredients, each one with a high calorie count.

Giving up on alcohol can make wonders for your waistline.


Pizza is not that bad for your diet

A pizza is not necessarily bad for your shape, as long as you know which type of pizza to order. Go for a light topping, like the one on vegetarian pizza, which is much weight-loss-friendly than a bulky pepperoni pizza. If you can, choose a pizza with a thin base, instead of one with a puffy base.

Plain popcorn is safe

Plain popcorn is safe for your diet, as it contains no additives, but antioxidants. Avoid flavored popcorn, like caramel or cheese, which usually contain lots of fats and can indeed harm your weight loss journey.


If you don’t want to go to the gym or take the stairs to your apartment, you can go bowling. The game helps you burn 500 calories in two hours. Besides, you also socialize and have fun while playing.

Dance, dance, baby

Dancing burns up to 650 calories, so if you are at a party, leave the table and hit the dance floor. Make sure you don’t forget to hydrate, as dancing makes you sweat a lot. Drink about 200 ml every 20 minutes.

Do the cleaning, the wise way

Most people designate a cleaning day, when they start in the morning and work until the evening. But this is not the best way to deal with cleaning – at least, not from your weight loss regime point of view. Instead of doing it all, divide the tasks and spread the cleaning over multiple days. 30 minutes of cleaning per day are just as effective as 45 minutes of gym.

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