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12 Pictures Which Show How Crazy And Weird The Dating Game Can Be

Dating was never easy, but when dating apps and social media appeared, everyone thought finding your significant other just became easier. Well, think again! The internet hasn’t made the dating game easier, but it made it even more complicated. Despite the fact you have access to a broader pool of potential dates, finding the right one is still a problem. What we lost to the internet was the romanticism involved in old time dating. But we’ve earned more awkwardness, so the balance is still the same. As a picture can say a thousand words, here are 12 pictures which show just how crazy the dating world can be.

1. We spend a lot of time waiting for our transportation, so this guy found a way to mix dating and waiting. His solution takes speed dating in a big city to a whole new level. Now you can use the “my train is here” excuse to get out of a date you hate.

Speed dating in NYC

2. The guy or gal who invented the “Seen” has no idea how many potential relationships they destroyed.

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3. Back in the old days, you could run into your crush at the coffee shop. But modern day romances start with a Like and a Poke. Not that interesting for your future grandsons…

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4. On the bright side, you can easily avoid someone you don’t like. The internet made it really easy to ignore people forever. 

5. Dating apps really give you a new face to promote in the dating game. But what happens when your partner discovers your true face is a matter of luck. Some win, others lose on Tinder. 
6. From time to time you find a very hones person on Tinder. Like Rachel here, who is only doing the entire dating thing to get free food. Good luck, Rachel!

7. Now you don’t have to wait a lifetime to find out if your date is actually a murderer. Google has you covered, so you can research their entire life before you even go out on a date with them. Then, you have to make sure you don’t mention something you’ve found while stalking them online. 
8. Romantic whispers also changed a lot. Now you don’t say “I love you” anymore, you say “I deleted Tinder” to show your love. What happens when she finds out you still have your Tinder is another problem.

9. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but online dating based on swiping is not about the inside of the book. Tinder is not a catalog of personalities, but a catalog of faces. Pretty faces always win on Tinder.

10. Being able to pick one quality in your partner is hard, but picking two is almost mission impossible. Watch out for that third department, as it can be a huge ticking bomb. 
11. Girls who dig for gold can pick their target wisely. Picking your target’s son is not a wise move, unfortunately.

12. Disney set unrealistic expectations when it comes to romance and dating. Now we don’t lose our shoes to find love; we lose our morals to find a good match.

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